Defence Services

UNE Partnerships has been partnering with various arms of the Australian Defence Force in the delivery of high quality, flexible and customised training that meets the needs of the ADF since 2007.

The Australian Defence Force faces a challenging environment, and the complexity of education and training needs continues to grow. UNE Partnerships has consistently worked hard and has effectively delivered time and again, relying on a number of key skills and abilities that align directly with Defence needs. Our offerings to Defence include:

  • Training Needs Analysis - UNE Partnership’s understands the relationship between a learner, an instructor and theknowledge that needs to be shared between the two.
  • Instructional Design - Training and education is applicable to all students. Our bespoke courses provide specific solutions to training needs.
  • Simulation - A potent training tool, simulation isn’t just for combat scenarios, it can be used for ‘real life’ training in a variety of settings. Simulation makes for competent officers, soldiers, sailors and airmen.
  • Verification of Competency - Competency verification can assume an RPL sense, accepting that skills and knowledge learned prior to training should be considered and recognised.

Short Courses, Qualifications and Skills Workshops are focused on the Defence environment to ensure that both Government and Industry professionals are all aligned to the same nationally recognised qualifications. Our Curriculum Design and Pedagogy is focused on preparing individuals for their real workplace with an emphasis on modern learning approaches, practical assessments and work based assignments.

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Our proud history with Defence

  • 2020-22 Safety and Seaworthiness

    UNE Partnerships will provide ongoing support to TA-S&Sw as they look to develop dozens of online courses across safety and seaworthiness.
  • 2020-21 Subject Four Training Transformation

    UNE Partnerships is working with the Army School of Ordnance (ASO) to reimagine a suite of programs to support the development of Clerks, Petroleum Operators and Ammunition Technicians.
  • 2019-20 Subject Two Training Transformation

    UNE Partnerships has helped the Army School of Logistics Operations (ASLO) to modernise the Subject Two continuum of promotion-based training programs.
  • 2018-19 Professional Military Education

    UNE Partnerships has worked with the Royal Australian Air Force to reimagine their entire continuum of leadership training, ranging from Aircraftman and Aircraftwoman through to Squadron Leaders.
  • 2017-18 Lieutenant Commander Promotion Course

    UNE Partnerships has worked with the Royal Australian Navy to redesign their Lieutenant Commander Promotion Course using a more contemprary blended learning model, intended to increase officer throughput and improve course outcomes.
  • 2017 Initial Collins Class Course

    Collaborative partnership TA-SM , UNE Partnerships designed and delivered a complete training package that will equip submariners of all ranks, categories and qualifications with the underpinning knowledge essential to the safe conduct of training and operations in Submarine Force. This project implemented flexible learner centric training techniques, innovative teaching methodologies and optimised the use of the simulation.
  • 2017 Maritime Logistics – Personnel Operator Course

    Building on the collaborative relationship with TA-MLH, UNE Partnerships made full use of ADELE, the TS Treacy simulator and its ICT systems to design and develop a blended learning approach that realistically simulates the workplace environment that ensures Seaman Maritime Logistics – Personnel Operators graduate job ready.
  • 2017 Junior Warfare Officer Application Course

    UNE Partnerships and TA-MW worked collaboratively in the analysis, design and development of innovative and engaging formative and summative assessment instruments covering in ship handling, navigation and tactics accessible to students in the classroom and out in the fleet.
  • 2016 Maritime Logistics – Supply Chain

    UNE Partnerships supported the Royal Australian Navy (TA-MLH) to design and develop eight courses for Supply Chain sailors, centring the use of simulation for authentic learning and assessment, ensuring that every graduating supply chain sailors are ready to serve the fleet ashore and at sea.
  • 2015 Maritime Logistics Officer

    UNE Partnerships was able to provide the Royal Australian Navy (TA-MLH) with innovative curriculum design drawing on real-world scenarios and story-based learning and assessment for junior logisticians. This included bespoke and flexible blended learning and assessment solution for officers ready to lead logistics at sea.
  • 2012-14 Defence Joint Health Command program

    Intensive consultation with JHC stakeholders to achieve improvements in the management across a range of functions including finance, stakeholder and contract management performed by Garrison Health managers.
  • 2007 - Present Leadership and Management Training

    UNE Partnerships has been delivering leadership and management training to Defence APS and serving military staff since 2007 on a preferred provider panel.