Government and Procurement

UNE Partnerships is a global leader in contemporary Government and Procurement training.

With over 30 years experience in distance and online education, we offer a range of nationally recognised qualifications suited to state and government departments, agencies and enterprise business or corporations. In addition to the established qualifications listed below, we have a proud history of working with organisations to identify specific business needs and developing highly targeted training programs which deliver proven results.


Diploma of Government


This qualification is suited to those working independently with supervisory responsibility within government departments at local, state or federal level. It is ideal for those with a diverse range of responsibilities who wish to develop high level leadership and communication skills and a deep understanding of the ethics and principles underpinning all aspects of public service.

Diploma of Procurement and Contracting


This qualification is suited to people currently working in a position with responsibility for the management of complex procurement and contracting. This specialist qualification covers the competencies required for independent and self-directed work as a procurement and contract manager in the public sector. Participants may have existing skills and experience and may be looking to build upon their knowledge and seek formal skills recognition.