Study Options

UNE Partnerships’ facilitators know how industry works – they are highly experienced practitioners in the areas they teach, and understand adult learning principles. They teach using our proven educational methods which combine reading, thinking, applying and doing, and every student has direct access to their facilitator. Our rigorous selection and annual review process ensures they are the best practitioners and educators.

Every student and every course is supported by a caring and dedicated Student Services Team: real people, who understand your course of study and who keep in regular contact during your studies, checking on progress, advising and motivating to help maintain momentum and assist with successful completion of your studies.

When you study with UNE Partnerships, you can be certain you will have:

  • Comprehensive learner resources – all students receive comprehensive learner resources, related assessment and direct contact with their facilitator and student services team. Assessment is submitted and marked through our online site.
  • Access to facilitators – all students have direct access to their facilitators for academic discussion and support throughout their study period.
  • Student support – all students receive regular contact from the Student Services Team who are available to discuss study progress.
  • Total learning experience – we regularly receive positive feedback from our students who have completed our courses regarding the quality and comprehensiveness of the education and support provided during their learning journey.


Online learning

Most courses are open to enrolment by individual students studying by distance. Vocational training is a people business, especially for our distance students, and the flexibility of our enrolment and student support systems means that any student can start studying at any time of the year – we are not limited by fixed intake dates or semesters.

Our courses delivered by distance learning suit those who find it difficult to attend face to face delivery, or who prefer to work at their own pace. We have been successfully delivering courses through distance for many years.

The key benefits of distance learning with UNE Partnerships include:

  • Flexibility in enrolment – we are not bound by terms or semesters so you are able to enrol at any time. Once you have decided on a course or study and your enrolment is processed you are on your way.
  • Flexibility in study period – each course has a recommended study period, however through distance learning you can work at your own pace within that time period and complete your course in a shorter timeframe if desired.


Webinars and workshops

UNE Partnerships runs workshops and webinars across various programs, study areas and locations throughout the year. Full, accredited and non-accredited qualifications through to short courses with or without assessment are presented by industry specialist practitioners bringing high level expertise to the classroom. Some workshops are also supported by industry bodies with which we have an alliance.

Workshops and webinars offer an additional level of support during the study period. Our workshops provide a great opportunity to learn from experienced leaders and network with others in your profession. Workshops also allow students to establish new contacts and network with people working in similar industries to themselves.